Time to start over.

Le sigh.  Not super proud of my life right now.

It’s not like I’m a serial killer or anything but UGH I’m a train wreck.

I used to run a lot.  For like a year, and then I bailed off it and went back to a bunch of terrible eating habits.  The excuse I used is that I moved from Texas to Colorado and the altitude got me but let’s be serious, if I’d wanted to work out I would have found a way to adapt.

I’ve recently gone through some changes, the primary being that after being in mind blowing pain for a few months (seven, whatever.  Counting is stupid) I went to the doctor and discovered I had a HUGE cyst on my right ovary.  It ended up having to be removed and the ovary went with it.  As a result I lost a huge number of eggs, have a 5 inch scar across my lower abdomen, and got a pretty stark wake-up in regard to how I’ve been living lately.

I treat my body like a rental car.

I don’t pay bills on time or sometimes at all, then I’m devastated when we don’t have the credit score to buy a car without a co-signer.

When faced with the responsible choice or the fun choice, I always pick the fun choice.


But I’m starting a new job tomorrow, I’m working out again, and I’m really and honestly trying to get our shit together because I’d like to have a kid sometime soon and at the rate I’m going CPS is going to take my cat away so it’s time to get to stepping.

What I’d really like to do is just pay someone else to do all this shit for me but it’s not like I could afford that!  I am so funny and smart!  Derp.

Unrelated but seriously, what the hell is up with the Dyson commercials?  They’re so weird, I feel like I’m being judged for not having a $900 vacuum that can change my tampons for me.

Right now I’m ignoring a call from my student loan lender because I haven’t made a payment in three months.  My husband quit his job and I spent all of my student loan on a laptop (which I did actually need for school) and paying my way to and from an out of state wedding in Michigan.  So now I’m going to call them back, explain that I just started a new job, and see if they’ll work with me.  Then I’m going to sit down and figure out how much I need to get us out of a financial bind this month.  I’m guessing a lot.  This is going to suck.

**Accounting for 5 minute time lapse**


I am a huge toolbag.  Seriously.  Full bag.  Screwdrivers, socket wrenches.  Hammer.

That took less than 3 minutes, they were completely understanding, and they just deferred payment with no penalties or anything.


This actually turned my into a white girl because I can’t even.

Dude, I was always a white girl.

But I really hate pumpkin spice.


All the wry amusement I can summon in one selfie.
All the wry amusement I can summon in one selfie.

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