A minute at a time.

I started my new job two days ago, selling cars at a local dealership with a fairly good reputation.  So far it’s…  interesting.  I’m not sure whether or not I like it, to be honest.  I like the money.  I sold a car yesterday, my first day on the sales floor, and that was a pretty awesome accomplishment since apparently it’s quite rare to do that without any car sales experience.  Huzzah!  But the lady I sold it to was kind of (super) difficult (we literally haggled over nickles) and I won’t lie, I left drained.  I also left at 8:30 at night and that part I’m not wild about.  I’m a full time student with a husband and two dogs, plus a cat that isn’t sure if she loves me more than anything or just wants to learn the secrets of my opposable thumbs.  I’m going to give it six months and see how it goes.  Worst case scenario I make enough money to pay off our debts then find something that better suits me.  Can I get paid for professionally being a chubby girl who likes to lay around the house in yoga pants while eating Nutella…?  Hell, if they’d let me go down to part time that would work too.  At the dealership, I’d want the Nutella thing to be full time.

My only REAL frustration there is that I’m working with a bunch of frat boys who spend their days talking about sex and the girls they’re cheating on/with.  There are only a couple of guys there who take their marriages seriously and they aren’t in the special boys’ club who is in tight with the finance manager.  But fuck it, I’ve been dealing with it all my life.  Why stop now?

If I can keep it up and sell 3-4 cars a week I should have a pretty awesome paycheck coming my way and that will be our first step on the road to recovery.

I have not worked out for shit this week.  I dutifully set my alarm for 6 every morning but this week has been so draining that I’ve rather ritualistically lain in bed and just rested for that extra hour or so.  I’m sincerely going to try a little harder this week to get up and get moving.  I hate that I’m making excuses but I will point out that in the last two weeks I have not, at any point, been home for more than 30 minutes without guests unless I was asleep.  And the guests often stayed while I was in bed.  This week will be a lot more tame, I’m putting down some boundaries about when I’m available and I might even stick to them this time.

My life has gotten to a weird place when I think back on a three year stint of agoraphobia fondly.

I did, however, stay within my Weight Watchers points for the week.  I used some of my bonus points on Halloween but even then I really didn’t overdo it or binge on anything.  Even without daily workouts I lost a little over 2 pounds which is super awesome.  I have to lose like 25 to fit comfortably into my Comic Con costume next year, so progress is good!

Comic Con falls just before our 6th anniversary so in keeping with tradition we go to it, and then we go to The Mona Lisa in Manitou and spend way too much money on the most amazingly romantic and enjoyable fondue dinner in the whole world.  It’s very similar to the Melting Pot, but I like it better because it’s a privately owned business that is run in what used to be an old mansion.  We get to eat out on this terrace that overlooks the whole city, it’s pretty fantastic.

Yea, I’m super married and I love it, whatever.

Alright, now I have until 11pm to get 4 classes worth of assignments done so I’m going to go back to procrastinating y housecleaning.

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