Defying gravity

Today has been a marathon of boring.  I’m off on Sundays and Tuesdays so Sundays are generally nonstop homework as I try to catch up and get ahead a little.  It doesn’t do much good but I try.  I couldn’t focus today, the subject is boring and I just couldn’t find a way to get interested.  (I’m sorry, business class is fucking boring.  There is no way to make it interesting.  I tried that whole gummy bear after every paragraph thing and then it was just me making gummy bears talk about how boring business class is and then we acted out some Saved by the Bell episodes).  After several hours of fruitless studying I decided what I needed was some fresh air.

I bundled up, leashed up the dogs (Bender got to wear his snow jacket, which he totally hates and it cracks me up) and took a deep breath because honestly the idea of walking through snow and ice was a little scary.  Since I have the most obnoxious dogs in the world I decided to make it an evening of leash training which didn’t bother me at all until we got to the patch of sidewalk where I deposited a large amount of my face all over the goddamn place.

Honestly I about had a panic attack.

But I didn’t!  I just stepped carefully and got through the patch and kept walking.  I’m proud of myself.

So let’s talk about my dogs.  Bender is a Pit Bull and River is a German Shepherd mix, and I love them like crazy.  Very sweet, very well behaved dogs with a few key exceptions and one of those is that when walking together on the leash they basically drag me down the street.  Because they’re assholes.  There’s no one to blame for that but us, when they were younger we lived in the country so we didn’t have to walk them, they just ran around as much as they wanted and came back when it was dark.  As a result we’re breaking some old habits which can be exhausting.  I do “reverse walking” which means when they start pulling me forward I force them to turn around and walk another way, away from where they want to go.  They hate it, it takes forever, good times had by all.  The loop I took them on is exactly one mile from the time I step off the porch to the time I step back on.  Because SOMEONE wouldn’t quit pulling the walk ended up being two full miles.  Impressive!

Also, if you’re reading this, I love my Pit Bull.  I love Pit Bulls in general.  This is not the kind of blog where I invite you to vent your spleen and have a lively debate about the virtues of the breed.  If you had a bad experience with a dog I’m really sorry that it happened, and if you’re basing your opinion on the media or something you read on an anti-Pit website, you should probably just stop reading my blog because I mention mine all the time.  I hate to be a prematurely aggressive about it but I like to be clear.

My teeth hurt for absolutely no reason which is annoying as all get out.  I have had SO much dental work and I still need a cavity handled and a tooth either extracted or reconstructed.  Boohiss!

I’m patiently waiting for my first paycheck from work because money am good and also Jake’s been in a funk for several months and I honestly think he needs to just go home and see his mom.  A reboot, you know?  He was raised by a single mother for a significant part of his life and as a result they’re as close as can be.  He’s also got a pair of gorgeous younger sisters (and when I say younger I mean like, WAY younger.  Like we’re 30 and they’re 9 and 13.  We were 21 when the youngest was born.  Weird).  They’re his universe and we think this would be a perfect surprise for them.  I’m going to stay here and hold down the fort so a friend is going to go down with him and have some fun.  I think it’ll be great.  I will miss him a bunch though.

I’m trying to figure out how to link my Instagram and Pinterest on this thing but I suck at that stuff so I’ll probably just put it off until I finish redoing my layout.  I’m thinking black text on a red background with an extensive area of my emo poetry.  Or maybe not that.  We’ll see.

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