Gotta get hip and with the times.

I have this weird addiction to grapefruit scented products.  I get super queasy and frequently get thumping migraines from a lot of smells, citrus is one of the few I can deal with and I really like grapefruit.

That’s pretty unrelated to things but I thought I’d mention it.  I use a lot the Burt’s Bees products, they have a nice facial cleanser wipe that’s grapefruit-y.

So, budgeting.

Jake got laid off, it’s basically gone to hell for the month.  HOWEVER, I’ll be getting paid in a few (10) days and that should solid us right back up I hope oh god I hope.  Our lease is up in February and though our roommate is trying to be gracious about it he’s made it very clear he’s not interested in renewing said lease so I have 3 months to repair $2000 in bad rental credit so we can get into a new place.  A new place that will accept us with a pit bull.

I’ve actually found some houses I think will work but the rent is going to be a lot higher than I was hoping to pay (Um, I’d like to point out that we’ve been paying $500 a month in rent for like 3 years so I have a skewed idea of what rent should be).

I went on a couple of walks, no running yet.  I have my first run scheduled for Sunday.  I am going to try the Couch to 5K training method for the first time, I even downloaded the snappy little app onto my phone (did I mention I broke a damn Otterbox the other day?  I didn’t think you were supposed to be able to do that).  I’m doing a lot of reading on the best breathing method for running because that tends to be what messes me up.  My legs can go forever but if I can’t breathe…  Yea, you see where I’m going with this.

I have all the supplies I could possibly need for a run, nice squishy earbuds, an iPod nano, an arm thingy for said iPod, a flipbelt for my keys, phone, and whatever else I might need, brand new running shoes, running socks, and some very adorable breathable running gear that I can layer for colder weather.

Oh, did I not mention that’s one of my weird cop-out methods?

Yea.  I simply CAN’T go running if I don’t have every possible thing I could ever need in the world.  I actually almost spent money on yoga shoes.  I don’t do fucking yoga.

So now I have everything in the entire world I could possibly need for running.  There are no excuses left.  Beginning Sunday I will be working on a 5k training method that will help me lose the weight I keep crying about.  If I bail on that, I give you all permission to pinch me super hard in the arm.


I’ve been trying really hard to work on my appearance for work, to look feminine but competent.  Unfortunately my clothes tend to either be jeans or date night clothes and that makes things a little challenging.  I thought I was doing really well but today one of the other girls there pulled me aside and told me she thought the patterned leggings I was wearing under my dress were a little too sexy for work and that I should stick to some thicker tights.  Now, this is a girl who frequently wears tights as pants and dresses far more casually than I feel is appropriate but I know she has my best interests at heart.  I felt a little indignant and defensive about it but really it’s not worth getting up in arms over.  I’ll grab some tights and move on.  I’m doing a little better with hair and makeup too.  It still tends to wind up with me having to repair smeared eyeliner midday and my hair nearly always ends up in a ponytail but I’m trying, goddamn it.  I watch a lot of youtube videos.

here’s today’s attempt:


I snagged that off my instagram so there’s a slight filter on it, but that’s basically what I looked like today.  If nothing else, I have great eyebrows.

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