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Hey, it’s January.

Because you may not have noticed.

I’m skipping New Year’s resolutions because I can’t seem to keep them.  Instead I’m giving myself monthly goals, small things I can do to keep myself motivated and active.

I started the year with a terrible sinus infection, which caused me to lose my voice and cough so hard I got a migraine.  Isn’t that sexy and exciting?  On the plus side it meant I had a completely reasonable reason to lay on the couch in my jimjams and marathon Roseanne on Netflix.

I’ve got sooooo much work to do on my teeth!  Cracked a filling, got a cavity, still need a tooth extracted, and to replace the composite on my front tooth with a crown.  Luckily my very shitty dental insurance will cover most of it.  I am all about ObamaCare, I really am.  I benefited from it for a year and I am so thankful for it.  It annoys the fuckshit out of me that my employer uses it as a reason to jack our health insurance premiums through the roof (Oh and it is my employer pulling that trigger because we have our own health insurance, we don’t contract through any kind of legit agency like UH or BCBS).  $650 a month for two goddamn people, are you serious?

So, in an effort to improve my life for the next year my goals for January are as follows:

Practice hyper intensively awesome dental hygiene.

Stop drinking cokes at work.

Drink 3 liters of water per day because my hair is starting to get super gross and apparently water helps.

Spend 30 minutes a day being active, even if it’s just walking the dogs who never get walked and are starting to look at me with enough deep seated resentment that I worry they’re going to team up against me and eat all my shoes.

That’s it for January.  I try to keep it small and easy to start with.  I’ve got some long term goals but I think if I get too focused on six months from now I’m going to convince myself there’s always time later.  Fun fact:  that kind of behavior is why I gained 30 pounds before my wedding instead of losing the 15 I planned.

I get fat super easy.

Also is it weird that I’m internet stalking my friend’s ex-wife?  I don’t know a polite way to ask him who left who and I’m super nosy so I’m just googling her a lot to see if I can find a blog or something explaining what happened.

Yea, that’s weird.  I’ll be quitting that pretty much now.

I’d like to have a more positive outlook this year because I’m kind of a gloomy Gus by nature so I’m going to post 14 things I’m thankful for in 2014.

1) My husband and I are in the best place we’ve ever been as far as our marriage and friendship is concerned.

2) I got a good job with coworkers which got me out of the waitressing industry and is far less physically taxing.

3) Every time we had a financial crisis like my faceplant or the engine falling out of my SUV, we were able to get through it with the help of our family and friends.

4) Our dogs got out of the yard twice and both times strangers went out of the way to help us get them home safely.

5) Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix.

6) I finally perfected pie crusts and also perfected making a pie and not eating any of it.

7) The dentist who fixed my teeth is awesome and my insurance covers him.

8) I switched to chemical free hair care products, facial cleansers, and lotions and the result on my skin and hair has been amazing.

9) Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Enough said.

10) Jake joined a new band and has been in a much better and more inspired mood than he has been in months.

11) I got back into school, even if I didn’t do EXTREMELY well this semester.

12) I made a couple of great new friends that I love pending time with.

13) A photograph I was really proud of made it into an art show at the gallery my studio is in.

14) I set up real boundaries in regard to how I will allow people, especially men, to talk to me and treat me because I tendto allow myself to be belittled and sexually objectified as a result of my reluctance to create conflict.

A couple shots from this month!


We never both look good in a picture at the same time.  This time neither of us did!


They snuggle, it’s adorable.  Also the crutches aren’t mine.


New Year’s Eve is also Jake’s birthday.  After a great night of sushi and friends we ended up back at the studio and he decided he needed to wear a tiara.


Big boy had a nightmare last week and insisted on snuggling the rest of the night.  Aww…  No more sleep for mom.

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