Put a bird on it!

Ah, Austin,  how I miss you and your hipster ways.

I rejoined Weight Watchers and that’s actually going surprisingly well, as long as I force myself to be honest and remember to record everything.  My mom is doing some version of the Nutrasystem which is going extremely well for her and I’m really proud of her.  Being overweight kind of runs in my family.

My Pinterest is filled with psycho level baby stuff, I keep that board on Private for two reasons.

1) Don’t want a bunch of people thinking I’m knocked up when I’m not.

2) Don’t want the FBI to think I’m going to kidnap some pregnant lady and steal her baby.

People REALLY frown on that for whatever reason.

I’m also looking into surrogacy because there’s an outside chance that after we spawn Young Blair (It Which Has Not Been Named?  Cletus the Fetus?  The Baby Formerly known as It?) that I’ll be knocking one out for my best friend.

I took another header today and massively disrupted something in my shoulder/neck area which is funny because my initial concern was that I (once again) rolled my ankle.  I liked having two functioning ankles, I remember briefly when that was a reality.

We got ALL THE BILLS PAID ON TIME THIS MONTH.  YES WE DID.  Except for the car note which I just remembered but that’s only like a day late so I’m doing that right now!

On the plus side, the Insanity Workout is extremely effective.  I did the Cardio somethingsomething and my calves were so sore I could hardly walk for four days afterwards.  This was my own fault as it turns out you’re not supposed to do a 45 minute cardio workout while standing on your toes rather than your entire foot.

Does anyone else have a weird love/hate thing with Pinterest?  Like, months at a time I’ll entirely ignore it but then I get super obsessed and pin things for like four days straight.

Don’t judge me.

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