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Imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer

Well, it’s snowing.  And it has been all day, and yesterday.  In response to that I spent my evening on Poshmark.com, which is an extremely affordable way to buy clothes and whatnot for work, then resell it when I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit anymore.  Ideally I’ll shrink out of the clothes and that will be the reason I let them go.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over which gym to join.  I took another header the other day, this time off the front porch which has three steps.  Luckily I was alert enough to catch myself on my arms before my face hit the ground but I am now officially terrified of outside.  I actually get the shakes if I try to go on a jog or a long run because I’m so afraid of falling again and I spend the entire time walking like an old lady while staring at the ground.  It’s not so bad if Jake or our roommate Brian go with me because then someone’s there to catch me or call 911, but it still stresses me out.  I hate that because it’s so not fair to River, the whole logic behind me getting her was that I’d have her to go on walks and runs with and now I’m too scared to do it.  I try to take her on a walk anyway 2-3 times a week but at one point we were going twice a day.  I really want to overcome it and get comfortable outside again but for now I think the best thing to do will be to join a gym and run on the treadmills for a while.  That’s how I was most successful in losing weight before we moved up here so why mess with success?

So for Lent (I’m not Christian but it’s convenient so why not?) my goal is to record all my points, stay within my points, and to exercise at least four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I feel like that’s pretty attainable.  I really love Gold’s Gym because of the classes, but my work schedule interferes with basically all of them and it’s not worth $30 a month to me to have the option of doing my running in a Cardio Cinema.  The Gold’s Gym Express is about $12 a month and it’s pretty close to my work so right now that’s looking like the best option for no meatheads and good equipment.  I’ve got nothing against dudes at the gym but I always feel like a damn stripper when I’m on the weight machines.  And yes, I know, most guys are too busy working out on their own to pay attention to anything I’m doing, but there’s always one or two who just blatantly stare.  Or worse, the guy who wants to come show you how to do something properly and that always involves his crotch against my ass while he reaches around me and then I have to get rude.  I JUST WANT TO SWEAT AND HATE MYSELF PRIVATELY.

I had a really good month in January as far as sales go so we’re all caught up on bills, have enough to cover the coming month’s bills, AND we were able to turn in Jake’s clunker car (a 96 Pontiac Bonniville) and purchase a 2010 Jeep Compass for him.  He loves it and as such has forgiven me for refusing to sign off on him getting a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top.  Sorry, I just don’t feel like that’s a safe vehicle to put a baby in, specifically my baby.  No, not pregnant, we’re still doing the prep work like we wanted to.

We may be moving into our own place soon.  I was talking with a lady in the service department and she casually mentioned she wanted to rent her house out.  It’s in our price range, it’s in the size range we need, and it’s down the street from where we are now.  I mentioned our dogs several times in the conversation and she never batted an eye so I feel like that’s a pretty good sign.  Right now we’re waiting for the snow to pass so we can go by and look at it, then figure out moving dates if it works.  She’s thinking she’d be ready to rent it in April which would be PERFECT for my timeline,so there’s that.  I love our roommate and I loved our last roommates, but we’re 30 and we’ve been married almost 6 years.  Kind of ready to live on our own again, you know?

There’s been a bunch of drama at work, new management came in and basically all the old managers got fired.  One of the south stores (the other store that sells our product) is trying to start trouble by spreading rumors and making some accusations, specifically towards me (apparently I was smoking in one of their cars which is impressive since I don’t smoke).  Luckily our managers took my side with no hesitation, but it does make me concerned.  I feel like I really need to put some effort into being one of the top sellers because I keep accidentally becoming high maintenance.  I get sick, I get hurt, I need time off for this or that, it could quickly devolve into me being too much trouble to keep on.  If I make sure I’m making them sick amounts of money every month then I think that will be less of a concern.

Oh, and I got a really great response on an image I created and turned in for my MMGD class so that was a great ego boost.  I should probably go do some homework now.

Here’s both, just to show off.  Also I know I’m probably making a huge mistake by not watermarking this image, so please don’t be a dick and try to steal it or whatever.  If you want to use the image that’s fine, just link it back to me here and shoto me a text letting me know.  Thanks!

Individual Feedback:

Brilliant double exposure and the overall crop needed was very well done.  I really like what you did in the background and overall I’m impressed with what you have here.

Blair Assignment Two

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