I may or may not be eating pad thai for brunch but definitely am.

I really hate change.  It’s a weird aspect of my personality because I move about once a year, work in an industry where I’m constantly meeting new people, and generally come across as a spontaneous person.  At the core, though, I like things consistent.  That’s part of why I like being married.  It provides a level of permanent stability that helps balance out the less predictable parts of life.  Most of the things I have I’ve had for a really long time, and I’m very attached to them.  But things do change and sometimes you have to figure out how to move on from that.

My best friend lives in the mountains in a lovely duplex style home.  For a while, we lived there too.  It was really fun for parts, really rough for parts, and ultimately we moved out (not because of them, but because moving is just part of what we do).  We did leave several boxes there in storage, partly as an excuse to periodically swing by and visit.  About three weeks ago there was a fire and her home was lost, along with everything in it.  After making sure she and her husband and pets were alright I started doing a mental inventory of the things I lost and I still feel awful about that.  She lost everything, her entire home, and I called my mom at one in the morning to cry because all my books were burned.  After my (amazing) mom talked me down I snapped back into best friend mode and started pulling clothes, shoes, and toiletries to take to her and her husband.  I also started a GoFundMe account for them which has done pretty well.  They’ve been very gracious and keep talking about how great I am to have in a crisis, but the praise would feel a lot better if my first response hadn’t been to think of myself.

So basically, sometimes I suck.  I love my friends and I’m so lucky they’re safe.  And I’m going to try really hard to bust my ass and be less selfish from now on.

In other, less traumatic news, work’s going really well this month.  We’re going house hunting with them today, I got involved with a company called Lexington Law to get some negative reports off my credit score (I want a 750, we’re at like a 600…) and school is going surprisingly well even though I violently hate my web design class..

Also I love Poshmark and it’s bordering on an addiction, but the fact that I now have an entire new work appropriate wardrobe for like $250 is badass.  I am beginning to realize watching the New Girl has had a lot of influence on my current style but I actually really like dressing in a more fun and flattering way.  I recently discovered clothes come in colors other than black, so that was interesting.

Also check out the workout videos by Blender on youtube, they are the SHIT.  I hate videos that do the “gym” experience so you feel like you’re in a full class.  IF I WANTED TO BE IN A CLASS I WOULD BE.  These are done like you’re being taught how to use Photoshop.  One chick doing very precise movements with a soft spoken, calm white dude explaining the moves and why you’re doing them/how long you need to do them.  Its amazing.

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