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Oh, the weather outside is weather…

It’s been wild here, one day we’re in the 80s and the next it’s 35 and snowing.  I’ve really enjoyed the thunderstorms and rain (quite a bit more than most other people here I suspect) but it hasn’t been good for business or for getting out and exercising.  I was really hoping to hit some hiking trails on my day off lately but right now everything’s more of a mud slide than anything else.  The weather had the added bonus of giving me the flu but I’ve gotten through the worst of it.

Jake and I went to the Denver Comic Con with our friends Brian and CJ, it was SO fun.  We go every year for our anniversary, it’s close enough that we could get home if we needed to but we get to dress up, nerd out, and stay in a 4 star hotel.  We were in the Denver Sheraton this time and it was very nice but I’ll be damned if they don’t charge for friggin’ everything.  From the wi-fi to the “complimentary” water (turns out it said “compliments of” and I don’t read well with hairspray in my contacts), even the gym had a fee attached to it.  I realize it’s a high-end hotel and they have to make a profit but these are the same amenities included in my stay at a Motel 6.  On a more positive note, Jake and Brian went as “Jay and Silent Bob” to Comic Con and were probably the most popular pair at the whole thing.  On Saturday I didn’t even get to see Jake for more than an hour because they spent so much of their time taking pictures with other Con-goers.

Ain’t they cute?

Bender and River are gigantic, and doing pretty well as far as manners go.  We switched Bender to a 10 foot leash when we walk him and it has made just a world of difference.  I still want to enroll him in the training class at All Breed Training and Rescue but for right now that money is going to finance our move.


As of June 15th Jake and I will be in our very own rental house!  As much as we love our roommates, both past and present, we’ve been married for 6 years (on the 13th!) and we’ve lived alone for… one of those years.  Through complete serendipity I was working with an adorable lady who didn’t end up buying a car but did like me enough to ask if I’d like to rent her house.  We met up a few times and got it all worked out, signed our lease two weeks ago, and got our deposit paid!  It’s twice the rent we’re paying here but it’s also a whole house to ourselves.  That reminds me, we have to buy a washer/dryer…

Budgeting has been hard.  We ended up deciding that we needed a small buffer financially and to accomplish that, Jake went back to work.  He’s only there 2-3 days a week and he’s really enjoying it which makes me feel better but I’m eager to get to the point where he doesn’t need to be in a kitchen.  My biggest point of excitement for the new house is that I’m going to have my very own office for homework and household accounts so hopefully I can stay a little more on-point and organize better.  I’ve been blowing Pinterest up with organization and budgeting pages.

Also right now I’m burning a ginger and honey candle and OMG is it amazing.  I got it a Ross for $4, it turned out to be my favorite ever, and now I can’t find any >.<.  What I’m thinking of doing is buying essential oils in honey and ginger and trying to recreate it in my oil warmer.

I’m switching my eating habits over to pescaterianism, which basically means I won’t be eating red meat, poultry, or ham and will only be eating sea-food.  As far as meat is concerned, obvs I’m going to eat vegetables because I don’t want scurvy.  Jake is being really supportive and is actually increasing things by suggesting (demanding) that we cut out processed sugars after we’re all settled in.  Considering that that’s the method with which I had the most luck during my last bout of weight loss, I don’t actually think it’s a bad idea (I super do, if I don’t get sweet tea twice a day people die) and I’m totally on board (there is no possible way I’m staying on this wagon, I’ll be sneaking Dr Peppers at work inside a week).  My friend Lauren is also a pescatarian and she’s also a genius in the kitchen so she’s been giving me a lot of great ideas and recipies.  She has a blog called Licked My Plate, if you’re looking for some adorable kitchen chicanery check it out!

I’m going to work on updating more regularly and trying to get some level of organization going in here.  If you have any requests or suggestions on content, let me know!

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