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Leveling off.

My soon-to-be former roommate got me a sewing machine and I’m so stupid excited about it that it’s borderline embarrassing.  I actually already put it to use, I was given an absolutely adorable black and white maxi dress but it was easily two sizes too big for me.  I woke up on Thursday and hated everything I own so I decided to give it a quick pin and run it through the machine.  Within 3 minutes I had a perfectly sized, adorable dress to wear and got half a dozen compliments when I got to the store.  I’m hoping I can use this for both budgeting and weight loss, because it’s much less expensive to resize my favorite pieces to fit me rather than going out to buy more.

I frequent a website called Refashionista.net which is run by a girl who goes to Goodwill, buys junk clothes from their $1 bin, and uses her sewing skills (and occasionally some Rit dye) to turn them into cute, fashionable outfits.  I’ve been checking out some of her patterns and doing some reading on how to use a sewing machine and it’s various tools, and I find myself oddly inspired.

Unfortunately one of my most glaring personality flaws is that I’m 100% excited and revved up about things for…  a month.  Or two.  And then I get super lazy and fall into old habits.  Then get frustrated with myself and quit doing anything at all (eating right, exercising, putting effort into my appearance, saving money, paying bills on time…).  While you could scroll through this blog and find at least five bits about all the things I’m planning to do differently or better, I’m still a work in progress and that’s okay.  I have this dream that in a year people will be reading about how well things are going and how through changing my patterns and habits I’ve accomplished all the goals I’ve been setting for myself.  I don’t know if that will ever happen but for today I’m going to allow myself a little grace and a little forgiveness.  Life has not been easy and I’m still trying and that’s a good thing.  Tomorrow I’m going to pack 6 boxes, go to the gym, and hang out with my best friend at an art gallery where they think I’m fun and interesting and talented, and that sounds like a pretty good day.

Also what the hell is up with Amy Adams?  She’s a goddamn shape shifter, I just watched Julie and Julia (again) (bite me} and now I’m watching Taledega Nights and what the hell, how is this the same girl?  If I hadn’t been looking away from the screen and heard her voice I would never have made this connection.

I really want to redesign this blog, I feel like it’s pretty damn blah.  Any tips?  I’m not in love with any of the pre-made designs you can buy here.

4 thoughts on “Leveling off.”

  1. oh i am the same, i start something and get bored quickly, it’s either that or i’m too lazy to actually bother. I started jewellery making, got bored and did resin work, got bored and did candles, now i’ve just got a sewing machine. I bought a cross trainer a few months back, hasn’t been used in over 2 months.


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