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The move approaches…

And we need to do so much more packing.  We may be getting into the new house on Saturday or Sunday, two days ahead of schedule, and we’ve got like nothing packed.  Alright, that isn’t accurate.  We have maybe half our stuff packed because I just went in and wrapped up the kitchen.  The issue is tomorrow we have a dinner and movie with friends, Friday I have a work dinner, and Saturday I work a 12 hour shift.

I love my husband more than anything, I really do.  But I can say with absolute certainty when I get home on Saturday he will have packed 5 boxes and think he’s completely done because we’ll “need everything else”.  These are the reasons I have stress…

Alright, positive thoughts.  The kitchen is done.  I’m about to do the bathroom.  If I can convince him his job is to completely pack the living room, I can easily wrap up the bedroom on Friday after the dinner.  I can do this.  I decided to take a break for a while and watch a few episodes of Boy Meets World (don’t judge me).

I kind of kept forgetting the registration renewed on my truck, which wasn’t a big deal until I got pulled over twice and got two tickets (the cop was very clear during the second one that he should have towed my truck but was cutting me a break).  $100 fine, I’m kind of kicking myself because if I’d just done it when I was supposed to it would have cost me like $60.  Oh well.  We’re getting Jake’s done on Monday.

I’ve been pretty badass about staying within my points on Weight Watchers this week, but the first week is usually the easiest for me.  I’ve used on average 2 points of my “bonus” points every day but I get friggin’ 49 a week and I have no intention of using all that unless I decide to just roll up a pizza and snort it.  Which really wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve put up my nose in my life, right?

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