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We are officially moved into the house!!!  I love it.  It’s about 1200 square feet but it feels huge since we have absolutely no furniture or books or plates.  Yay constant adventure!
A friend is throwing us a housewarming party in July, I’m excited to have a nice little party.  We registered but I feel guilty about it, she keeps reassuring me that it’s the right thing to do and we’re not pressuring anyone to but us stuff.  Seriously, no one has to buy us anything.
The house is the first step in a lot of changes, primarily to our budget.  Lexington Law has been doing a great job of getting negative reports and old collections issues off our account.  On Wednesday they had a $400 collection account removed, Thursday they took off a $2500 account (I know that one was insanely huge, I refused to pay it because it was a fraud issue).  They’ve had about 13 other issues resolved as well (late pays, negative inquiries, etc.) and my credit is up about 100 points.  It’s still about 80 points from where I want it (started with a 515, up to a 615, want a 720) but I feel like if I can keep making payments on time and let them do their thing it’ll happen in the next 3-4 months.
Our budget is extremely tight right now, in large part because I owe a friend a really impressive amount of money (850) and she needs it ASAP.  I’ve been checking out ways to supplement our income so we’re going to try joining one of those sites that pays you to do surveys.  There’s just not anywhere else we can cut back and I won’t be one of those people who lets debts drag out forever.
After that’s repaid we’re still going to be on a tight budget but it won’t be that bad anymore.  It’ll mostly be right because I want to pay my student loans off as fast as we can.  We’re using like 89% of our available credit which means a layoff or bad month at work could ruin everything we’ve been trying for.  To that end, we’re going to be throwing every extra penny towards car notes and student loans.  Pro Tip:  if you’re going to put extra money towards a loan, call them and have it put towards the principle amount.  Otherwise you’re just paying more interest.  By reducing the principle you reduce the amount being charged interest and reduce how much extra you have to pay on top of your agreed price.
I’m perpetually learning.
Also, your deferred loans are still accumulating interest. Pay $10 towards the principle every month, you’ll thank me later. 
I’ll admit this is all hard, it would be way easier to let the loans sit and just do my required payments every month, to wait for the 7 year mark on our debt and hope the negative stuff just falls off like it’s supposed to (you’d be amazed at how often it doesn’t).  But this is smarter, faster, and will save us thousands in the long run. 

Now, to thank you for your patience in reading all that budget talk, here’s a collage of new house stuff!  Sorry for the mess, we just moved in!!!!


1 thought on “Unpacking!”

  1. You are on the right path! Pay more than the minimum due, maintain a lifestyle that accommodates your budget – and you will be debt free before you no it! Good luck and enjoy your new home!


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