New gym, new playlists, new job.

I’ve been going to Planet Fitness for a couple of weeks.  I joined back in April but I never bothered going.  I’ve really been enjoying it, mostly cardio and weights.  I had a billing issue with them in May, a payment didn’t go through but I figured it was nothing to worry about, paid it, and started going.  I went in yesterday, in my workout clothes with a whole workout plan, The (surprisingly rude) girl at the front desk stopped me and told me there was a billing issue, that I hadn’t paid for my membership since April, and there was 3 months of membership due plus a $70 annual fee.  I could have dealt with that but she was really snotty about it so I told her I’d deal with it with the manager and left.  Now, I have billing records to prove that I paid the bills.  If I want to I’m sure I can get that taken care of.  But I don’t really care for the way that was handled, particularly that A) they were at fault B) I showed her the emails verifying my payments C) she continued to treat me like I was scamming her at full volume in front of the entire gym.   To that end I’m checking out other, comparably priced gyms in the area to see if I can make that work.  I’m disappointed because I really did like them and everything they had as far as the equipment setup.  I also decided I want to make another 4-5 playlists so I’m not listening to the same thing over and over (on the days when I’m not listening to Harry Potter or Game of Thrones).

Unrelated, I just hopped a fence for the first time since I was like 17.  My old roommate Brian came over to play with the dogs last night and accidentally tossed their Kong ball into the neighbor’s yard, I knocked and rang the bell with no answer so I finally gave up and jumped her 7 foot privacy fence, and both my ankles are FINE!  Look, it’s a small win but I take them where I can get them.

I got seven boxes in the mail, four of which were from my mother.  She bought so much of our housewarming registry that I had to add more items so that if any guests wanted to get us something they had some options (fingers crossed for the bread machine and the stand mixer ((what, it’s only $400.)).).

I’m making some choices about my job this week, which involves me sending out several resumes to see what’s available.  I also think I want to start writing again, maybe short stories.  I used to write all the time  We’ll see.

Money is tight this month, as expected, which is another part of why I’m reconsidering my job.  I’m sure that in a year or two I’ll be really good at it and making great money but I don’t have two years to spare.  And if I’m being honest, if I make this my career, I’m settling.  I don’t love what I do.  I think my job is stupid.  And that isn’t good.  When I have a kid and she looks at me and asks me why I do what I do I want to tell her it’s because I love it, because it makes me happy.  I know in this world that’s a lot to ask but it’s where I’m at right now.  The other issue is that we need some stability.  I have our bills at a workable level, our debt is under control (somewhat) and everything is pretty reasonable.  Unfortunately I still can’t feel confident about paying any of the bills on time because I can’t control how much I make from month to month and no matter how many times I run the numbers on what I think I’m making, my check ends up being several hundred dollars less.  I need to know with confidence that I can make my rent.  So to that end I’ve written a resume, my friend is looking it over, and I’ll be sending it out tonight.  Fingers crossed, please!

1 thought on “New gym, new playlists, new job.”

  1. When it comes to Planet Fitness, I would what’s best for you financially. Don’t let some “snoot” at the desk deter your from staying on budget. If it got resolved…I would ignore her and move on. Can you tell I’m getting older? I think patience comes with age! 🙂


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