Very good change

I quit my job.  I hated what I was doing and I was starting to really resent how much time I was spending there considering how little money I was bringing home.  It wasn’t like they were ripping me off or cheating me in any way, I just really sucked at it and I didn’t feel motivated to get better.  I took my time, wrote out a proper resignation letter, and spent about half an hour talking with my general manager about my decision.  It was the nicest version of the situation ever, he said he thinks I’m a very talented artist and is looking forward to seeing what I accomplish (he said it in a super nice, not sarcastic way) I was hoping to go back to waitressing part time at Cracker Barrel but I don’t think that’ll work out (they don’t often rehire) so I’m pushing my photography really hard and getting ready for some art fair booths my gallery is signed up for.  I’m looking for a job too because the industry can be very fickle but I’m signed up for a really great art business class in a couple of weeks that I’m very excited about.

I got to go to my friend Lauren’s birthday last night, it was a bit of a roadtrip but totally worth it  We played giant Jenga and ate some fantastic food (she’s actually the one who introduced me to pescaterianism so I was able to eat everything there!).  Serena and I rode up together, gave her hand-made gifts, and had a wonderful time.  She also asked me if I’d like to be featured on her website Licked My Plate for one of my desserts.  I’m going to send over Pumpkin Tiramisu, I think she’ll really like it.

Quitting is having some pretty serious repercussions in terms of our finances.  We had a pretty specific budget we had to meet every month and this really threw a wrench in it.  But since I left on such good terms they asked me to come out and help with a big sale they’re having in a few days so that should really help.  I’m going to find a way to keep paying the bills and saving money but it does feel a little unstable.  On the other hand I’ve stopped having stress dreams, clenching my jaw all night and day (I cracked a tooth and have to go to the dentist tomorrow) and my hair hasn’t fallen out in handfuls in several days. I’ve got several accounts settling up in the few days, I’ve booked several sessions, and we’re living pretty frugally.  I called ahead to my car notes and a few other places that are pretty flexible and let them know I may need a payment arrangement for a month while we get positioned comfortably again.  The only thing I can absolutely never be late on is the rent because being homeless is NOT AN OPTION.  Plus I love this house way more than I should.  I downloaded the Walmart Saver App.  I normally don’t like shopping at Walmart because I don’t agree with their treatment of employees but the closest store to me is a Walmart and at 3 am pickings are slim.  Also this is super unrelated but for some reason the box for my text here is like an inch and a half tall and there’s at least six inches of blank screen, I find it very annoying.

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