Challenges happen.

The last few weeks were a little rough.  My grandfather passed away from complications due to pneumonia and advanced age  He was 90 and I felt he was ready to be at rest again.  It hurt terribly and my whole family took the hit hard but after some awkwardness everyone pulled together beautifully.  I ended up with a terrible stomach flu the night before and right into the day of the funeral.  I will say, booting in the lobby of the funeral home while the receptionist held my hair was an all new personal high.  I also ended up having to have my mom’s cat put down, I went in initially to get him an allergy shot and found out he had terribly advanced feline aids.  While feline aids is extremely treatable, Oscar had it so long without treatment (like, before they got him) that the vet didn’t think he would respond to treatment.  Like I said, it was a bad few weeks.

M y awesome grandpa in front of his plane in WW2.
M y awesome grandpa in front of his plane in WW2.

But the great thing about hitting the bottom so hard was there was no where to go but up.  My new job seems to really like me, I’ve got a great schedule and and we’re getting back on an even keel.  Frankie, my 12 year old calico, was super sick and we had to have her checked for leukemia.  I was having an absolute anxiety attack the entire time we waited for results but we were finally told yesterday she’s in the clear.  The vet has some questions about what could be causing the calcium spike which created her issues so we’re keeping her on medication and possibly a prescription food.  I’m aware that’s more information than any of you needed on my cat.

The dogs and I are on a really good walking schedule, Bender is really getting the hang of leash training finally.  Our budget is an unbridled disaster but we’re used to that so I don’t know why I’m acting surprised.  The big thing in these situations is staying in touch with your creditors to let them know why you’re late, work out payment schedules, etc.  I really, really hate the company with whom we financed Jake’s Jeep so if I do nothing else in the next year I’m either paying it off or refinancing it.

I also joined Mary Kay as a consultant because I like the way it works into my life and hobbies.  So, uh, if you need/want some awesome Mary Kay stuff let me know.

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