I’m a binge eater

That’s bad, right?

I realized that last night as I furtively picked brownies (I don’t even like brownies that much) out of the pan in the kitchen and decided I didn’t feel like logging any of my food yesterday.  When you decide not to log your calories because you know you’re going WAY over and don’t want to think about it, you’re bingeing.  Hello, information everyone else already knew!  But I feel like knowing helps, it’ll give me a moment to stop and recognize, “Hey, you’re about to go on a binge, haven’t you worked a little too hard for this?”.  Cautiously optimistic.

I’m working on it.  I’ve been going on walks with the dogs just about every day, that tends to be a good 2 miles, and despite my need to plow face first into ice cream I lost 1.5 pounds last week.  Tuesday is “weigh in” day.  I thought I’d make this cute timeline of weight loss by taking pictures of the scale each week but I keep forgetting my phone and then I can’t find it and then I’m tired of messing with the whole thing.  So, for the record, I went from 183.7 to 182.2

Jake FINALLY got his Native card, which means he’s a documented member of the Cherokee nation.  It also means there are some small benefits to it, such as some pretty great health care.  Keeping current members alive almost makes up for the genocide, right?  I’ve been doing a lot of research on it an on the Cherokee nation because it’s something that matters to him, and because if we ever manage to spawn our kid will also be a Native and will need to know about its culture.

I need to stop reading the comments section on things, from Natives to Pit Bulls, because nothing good ever seems to come up down there.  I was checking out some blogs about the Cherokee Nation and came across a bunch of comments claiming it wasn’t the fault of the settlers that the Natives died en mass, that they were going to die anyway because of illness.

Cant even.  Nope.  Can’t even.

So we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a couple of (six) months and it’s….  not going well.  Really it’s just not going at all.  Apparently only having half my reproductive organs threw my ovulation off and I have to start tracking it by either taking my temperature and checking my cervical mucus every day (I know I’m 12 but EW) or by peeing on a stick every day.  Neither one is especially exciting but I figure I’ll start with my temperature and move along to pee as needed.  We should probably hang out on it until November anyway since we’re getting new insurance and I have no idea how pregnancy counts as far as being a preexisting condition.

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