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Someone is living in me…

Cat’s officially out of the bag, I’m pregnant!  I was kind of avoiding blogging because I couldn’t not mention it and I hate it when people are like, “Big surprise coming!” or “I’ve got a secret” bc duh, now we know you’re either pregnant or traveling to Europe and since everyone knows we’re on a SUPER TIGHT budget obvs I’m not doing that one.

So for those of you who want to see it, this is how we outed ourselves:


We have a lot of fandoms, shows, games, etc that we love but we had to figure out one so we picked Star Trek, because that’s one we’ve always agreed on.  It took me about two hours in photoshop, and only part of that was spent exploring every swear word I know.  It came out well, our friends and family were all very excited, happiness is had.

I’m now three months along, I’ve lost eight pounds, and have yet to have a sonogram because our insurance is going friggin batshit which leaves me with the options of paying out of pocket or getting on Medicaid.  Yaaaay…

So far I’ve had a complete loss of appetite, massive dehydration, gas I don’t want to discuss, and a newly rediscovered addiction to Spaghetti-Os.  I’m also job hunting again because ever since football season I haven’t made enough at work to make a dent in my bills, let alone get caught up with things.  I hate to do it because I actually really like the people I work with but that’s not a good enough reason to stay.  If any of you can recommend any contract work, I do a lot of photo editing, restoration, and some graphic design.

Things with the fella have never been better, he’s AMAZING.  And I think that’s largely because we decided together to have a child rather than me springing a surprise pregnancy on him.  I come from the kind of community where teen pregnancy is common, we were one of three couples I can think of offhand who didn’t have a kid before we were 20.  My first friend to get pregnant was 11.  I often had friends tell me to get pregnant when -I- was ready and he’d get used to it but that never appealed to me.  Who wants a guy to “get used to” loving his kid?  Not my thing.  So we waited until he was sure he was ready, and as a result he’s been wonderful.  Hot baths, backrubs, midnight snack runs.  It’s awesome.

We do have names picked out, and we are planning to find out the gender and then do a gender reveal party.  I warned Jake that I want to do EVERYTHING.  Maternity photos, gender reveal, name reveal, birth photographer, baby showers every weekend, the whole show.   I realize almost none of that is necessary but I’ve waited 12 years for this pregnancy and we’re only planning to have one so eff it, right?



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