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Cloth diapering and why more people aren’t doing it.

Honestly?  Because it’s GD impossible to figure out.  I went to a website and it said, “Cloth Diapers AIO Information” so I clicked it…  and was redirected to a page to buy them.  Below I saw “Click for more information” so I clicked it and it took me to THE SAME DAMN PAGE.

So I checked out a blog about it.  Unfortunately I think it was written by someone who’d been cloth diapering so long they forgot the rest of us don’t know about it about it so everything was written in a shorthand I have yet to discern.

I just want someone to say you need X number over them, this is the best brand, these inserts work best, etc.

But since I couldn’t find any, I’m going to do it myself. I’m going to order one or two diapers from every damn cloth diaper place in the world and review them and then I will feel less rage-strokey.

Something that can only be cured by watching Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Possibly while eating Nutella with a spoon.

Any bets on whether I can kill the whole jar tonight?

My exercise today consisted of walking from the couch to the bathroom 34 times.  I did scrub the chairs and couches down because they were grossing me out, and I learned how to work with changing the color on microfiber furniture today. I’ll be working on that probably this weekend.  I was given a VERY nice, expensive glider/footstool set that retails so far out of my price-range I can’t see the sky.  She used it for her three kids and it’s in practically brand new condition with the exception of the actual microfiber upholstery, which is a little dingy (I mean it survived three kids, it really does look great).  But it’s sort of a tan-cream color and that doesn’t really work for me so I’m going to see if I can turn it into something pretty and blue!  I’ll let you know if we’re successful or if I end up destroying a chair which will cost a full car payment to replace!

1 thought on “Cloth diapering and why more people aren’t doing it.”

  1. For real. I didn’t want to pay the high cost of disposables with baby #3 so I went online searching cloth and found WAAAAYYY too much information! O_O It was crazy. Ultimately, I chose to use waterproof covers (adjustable, so they worked from baby to toddler) and we put flat cloth -Gerber 5 layer – inside. They saved us money but I hated using them. The cloth shifted inside and they didn’t absorb enough. Also, they pretty bulky. 😦 This time (I’m pregnant with baby #4), I’m going to try pocket diapers. I saw a review on youtube and liked the concept of them so I have been looking at sellers and trying to decide on inserts and such. It’s a hassle but hopefully I’ll find something that works better! 😉 Good luck to you!


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