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If you need me I’ll be mixing Junior Mints and Pickles.

So the Fella and I went on our first “In Person” registry attempt.  He allotted an hour to accomplish this task, with time to get home and get ready for work.


I didn’t even bother trying to explain why that wasn’t going to work and we headed out.  Our first scheduled (and only “arrived at”) destination was Babies R Us.  They called at one point to remind us that if we came in we’d receive a free goodie bag full of treats to help us get ready for our little one!

I took a picture of it’s contents for you to enjoy!

That’s a pen, not an actual hypodermic needle.  There’s no heroin during pregancy.

I offer, for your amusement, fourteen advertisements for different products and companies (some including coupons for up to 10% off) and a single serving sample of Enfamil baby formula.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate the information.  But I was hoping for maybe a sample or two of an actual product I might consider using on my child as opposed to ads for gliders, printing, and a car seat I’ve done zero research on.

In the meantime I’ve joined a pregnancy forum (thebump.com) and it’s been educational?  Some of the women are pretty catty but most of them are great.

Finances are…  tricky.  Tight?  I’ve got a better shift at work and we’re pretty focused but right now all I want is to get back into school.  I watched my mom struggle through school while we were in our teens and I always felt really guilty that there was nothing I could do to make it easier besides keep my head down.  I don’t want our kid to have see that so I’m going to do my best to be graduated before she/he is 3-4.


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