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I am not now, nor have I ever been, a morning person.

And if you are I hate you and admire you and want to steal your powers.

Jake and I went out last night for the first time since we found out I was pregnant so of course we went to the only smoking-permitted bar in the state!

It’s actually a really cool speakeasy themed cigar bar called 15-C and our friends in The Key Of Joy were playing a jazz-themed set which was awesome.  I had a great time and then we went to a local sports bar called Old Chicago to hang out and not be surrounded by smoke.

Oh, and public welfare alert:  To the guy who showed to a fairly upscale 1920s bar in a University of Idaho hoodie, Titlest beanie, and hiking boots, then shoved a waiter out of the way to lunge behind our table to attempt to hit on a pair of girls talking on the couch; They weren’t even slightly interested.  Not when you were repeatedly rude to the server, not when you almost knocked our table over on one of your many jaunts back and forth from the couch, not when you ordered that $4 cigar and smoked it down to the ring.  And seriously, how much could you have possibly enjoyed smoking something that smelled like you stuffed an old work boot with straw and set it on fire?  We, on the other hand, had a wonderful time speculating about you and your hobbies as well as your need to stare directly into my eyes and smile suggestively (I assume that awkward lip curl and slanted sneer were intended to be suggestive, otherwise you were challenging my pack dominance and I should have lunged for the throat) despite the fact that I A) am clearly pregnant and B) was sitting next to my husband with his arm around me.


Anyway we had a GREAT time!  It was so fun to go out with friends and do something that didn’t involve Netflix in my jimjams, even though that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.  I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take a single picture of anything and I actually looked pretty cute.  I tend to choose to just enjoy going out and not worry about pictures but I kind of wish I had this time.


We stayed exactly on budget for the evening, had a great time, then rushed home and very sexily had a contest to see who could fall asleep first.  He won, as usual.

We’re driving down to Texas for a baby shower which I’m excited about and I’m almost more excited that I’ve booked 5 photography sessions with clients down there!  I love taking pictures in Texas, the beach and lighting and everything is awesome, plus the trip pays for itself which is awesome.  I am eternally grateful that my mom and mother in law are great friends and are having a blast planning everything together.  I do not even want to think about what life is like for women whose in-laws hate them or hate their parents, that sounds like hell.  We’ll be down for Texas spring break (the week of March 12) so if you need some photograph done, lemme know!

My bestie Serena is throwing me a Colorado Shower on February 20th and I’m super excited for that too, I’m really surprised enough people actually like me to bother with a party.

Alright, time to shower.  Like, wash my hair, not babies.


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