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It’s a… Surprise!

We had our very first sonogram today and it was awesome because Jake was able to be there (we try and schedule everything on Tuesdays because we both have the day off).  The baby is very squirmy and moved around so much that the tech had trouble getting good pictures which I think is NUTS because I have yet to feel anything.

The heartbeat was great, everything was size and development appropriate, and apparently I’m not feeling much because I have a high, back placed placenta which means less sensitivity to it.


So there’s our mini-person, all healthy and right on schedule.

We were told the gender and we’re going to aggravate all of our friends and family by not telling until the baby shower Serena is throwing us on the 20th.

I’ve been yelled at, scolded, and threatened multiple times about this decision (oddly enough only by people to whom I’m not actually very close) but that’s okay.  I’m going to do it this way because it’s fun and because I want to, so there’s that.

According to the scale I gained 10 pounds but I refuse to believe that because I had just eaten a very big lunch and had a full bladder so I choose to believe that number was high.  I looooove my doctor, she’s completely supportive of everything I want in regard to having the baby.  Her only request was that we go over my birth plan together, and she seemed hugely relieved when I mentioned that I wasn’t married to any of it and realized sometimes things don’t go according to plan.


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