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This is just going to be a little rant.  In the last few years I’ve really gotten into conserving, upcycling, and generally trying to reduce my carbon footprint.  I’ve started learning to sew (making my own belly bands, mending clothes, making curtains, burp cloths, etc).  I’m really enjoying most of this, honestly, and I feel good about our decisions.

So naturally when we decided to have a baby, we agreed we’d continue that conservation-minded path.  While we have registered for a few things new that we probably could have gotten used (baby bath, bottles, etc) those were mostly hygiene concerns.  The majority of what we want for the kid’s room are items we’ve been given or have purchased used.  For example, I’m in the process up upcycling a great glider chair we were given to make the colors work for the nursery (light purple, a soft blue, and pewter, we picked them before we knew the gender because they work for either one).  I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow when it’s all done.

For the last two weeks I’ve been searching Craigslist and checking out the Arc and Goodwill to see what I can find in regard to a dresser and a night stand, and possibly some additional storage.  I have yet to find anything that isn’t falling apart priced or under $75.

I don’t mind paying a little more for quality but these are Ikea pieces, made of composite board, with some paint slapped on them so the seller can call them “distressed” and ask for $125.

So far the closest I’ve found to a “deal” is a 3 drawer dresser that looks like it was pulled out of a dumpster.  It was priced at $55 and the seller was very firm about it.

I’m not begrudging anyone the right to make a deal and get a little money back, but it seems crazy to me to look at a dresser you paid $65 for at Target and decide ask for triple the original price on the resale.

So yea.  That’s me whining.  Luckily I have another 4 months to complete my search.

Turns out not spending money left right and sideways is a great way to get your finances back on track so we’re doing great at getting back to where I like to be, my photography website is being redesigned so I can relaunch that, and today a friend at work gave me a bunch of cookies.  The dogs are sleeping quietly, they both got baths today and are exhausted from the efforts of resisting said bath.

All together, not a bad week.

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