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The chair!

So I’ve mentioned I was given a glider a few times, by my DELIGHTFUL friends Tom and Shellie.  It was beautiful and so far out of my price-range that I just about cried when they dropped it off.  I loved the piece as it was but I really like to personalize things.

As you may have read, we decided to paint the nursery purple, blue, and a pewter tone of grey regardless of the gender because honestly, baby Blair is not going to give a poo what color the nursery is.  Jake’s favorite color is purple, mine is blue, and we like grey as a neutral more than cream or beige.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do because the fabric is microfiber.  I’m not adept enough to make a slip cover yet and RIT dye didn’t seem like a good idea, so I turned to the mother of all answers, Google.  What I found was a great blog called Happiness is Homemade.  It had all the answers and supplies I needed so I got to work.

It started with a couple of trips around town for supplies!

The first thing I needed was something called Textile Fabric Medium.  The recipe called for 16 ounces for a quart of paint, so I looked on Amazon first and found it for $8.99 plus shipping.  I figured I’d check around town and see what I could find, resorting to Amazon as a last resort.

Lo and behold, I found them at Hobby Lobby (I know, I usually boycott them but pregnancy nesting required results).  I did, however, cheat the system a little as they were priced at $5.99 each and I used the 40% coupon on each bottle, bringing them down to $2.40 each.  Way better than the $18 plus shipping on Amazon.


I will say this is the first time Amazon has ever failed me.  I still love you, online shopping lover.

Now that I knew I could actually accomplish the task I had to go grab some paint.  I knew  I wanted a nice vivid blue (stop trying to read into it, I just like blue) so we went by Lowe’s to take a look.  I wanted an Indoor Satin with Primer so I didn’t have to spend an hour scrubbing the seats before painting (little things like marker and pen can bleed through the paint).  I only needed a quart so I just found the cheapest stuff they had and went from there.

Olympic Planitarium Blue, the required paint, and a nice big spongey brush!


Then I got home and the real work started.

Had to take the chair apart!  I’m blonde and didn’t realize everything was going to unsnap and un-velcro, I thought I had to tape everything up and do it the hard way.  Luckily Brian was there, yet again, to show me the obvious answer.  Also River was heavily involved in all of this.  As was Bender.  In case you were wondering.


They take painting quite seriously, if you could all stop messing around it would help this whole thing a LOT.

Okay, chair is stripped, we put down an old sheet for a drop sheet, put all the paint stuff in box in case of spills, and did the most important thing of all:  made fresh tea.

Step One: Pour the Fabric Textile Medium into the paint!



Step Two: Realize that’s not going to fit and make a big mess!


Step Three: Find a WAY bigger jar and pour everything into that.
Step Four: Stir it forever.  Forever.  Forever.

From there it’s pretty much what you’d expect.  Paint one side.  Let it dry.  Do a second coat.  Let it dry.  Paint the other side.  Do a second coat.


It took 2 days, because it had to dry between each coat.


Jake wanted me to include this really awful picture of me wearing a surgical mask so no one freaked out and wrote me a 2-page letter about how I’m hurting the baby.

In the end it was TOTALLY worth all the effort because I am 100% in love with the color!  We’re going to paint the wall a soft pewter and do bright pops of color through the room and this chair is going to really work with that.

So, with no further preamble, the finished chair!



It doesn’t look as glossy in person, the lighting really reflected on it, but isn’t it PRETTY?  It does feel a little stiff so we’re going to take some fine grit sandpaper and give it a little rub to get that soft suede feeling back.

Total cost of the project:

Fabric Textile Medium: $4.80

Sponge Brush: $2.25

Paint: 12.75

Total: $19.80


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