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Babies and Pibbles and OMG I can’t reach my feet.

So Bender and the baby are already playing together.

Two days ago I was laying on my side in bed, reading a book.  Bender (who is 85 pounds of solid muscle and 100% a sissy) HAS to lay near me at all times so he invited himself up and decided to nudge his nose under my belly for whatever reason.  In doing that, he gave me a little poke in the belly.  The baby, who had not moved in a bit, apparently thought this was interesting and I suddenly felt a flurry of little kicks right where Bender’s nose was.  Bender was intrigued and gave me another soft poke with his nose, which started another round of baby kicks in response.  This went on for half an hour and was easily the cutest if strangest thing to happen in my pregnancy so far.

I’m showing a LOT and weirdly enough have begun to waddle when I’ve been on my feet for a while, which is charming and makes me feel super attractive.

But on a high note, I’ve got two baby showers coming up and I’m SO excited for both of them!  My Colorado friends are throwing a baby shower/gender reveal on the 20th and then I’m heading down to Texas in March for the shower my mom and mother-in-law are throwing for me and then I get to attend my younger sister’s shower!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but she’s a couple of weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy so my mom is going from zero to two grandbabies in a single month!  I mean if she’s early and I’m late I guess it could be over the course of a couple of months but we’re anticipating both babies coming in June.  I am very grateful that I have people willing to throw us two showers and that we have so many amazing friends who want to help us celebrate the baby!

Registering has been nuts but I think what we set up is pretty solid.  I don’t feel right asking people to spend a lot of money on a choice I made, so I tried to keep things pretty modest.  We registered at which I like because it lets you register for gifts from pretty much anywhere, we like to compare prices and register for the least expensive option (case in point: Jake really liked a certain baby monitor, after a quick Google search we discovered that one shop had it listed for $150, another had it for $225, and we found another place with the audacity to ask $325 for it).  The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that it didn’t let us sync our Babies R Us registry but honestly if that’s our worst issue, WAH.




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