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Get off my bladder please…

This kid thinks my bladder is a trampoline, so that’s fun and exciting.  I should really just be glad I can feel movement, one of the ladies I’m friends with on one of my pregnancy forums just lost her baby at 22 weeks.

Baby shower this weekend!!!  And the other one is March 12!!!  Sooooo happy I get to go home for a few days, though I’m sure a week of humidity will make me miss Colorado.

Because there was a mix-up on the invitations, I’m going to be tacky and post clarification here:

We are registered at:



We do -not- expect anything and the real gift is your presence to help us celebrate our baby, but we absolutely appreciate the help in preparing!

So in the course of one evening I got a compliment and an insult about the same issue which was entertaining.

When I hit 21 weeks I suddenly popped out and started to actually look pregnant, so I’ve had a few people comment on it.  On Monday I was talking to a nice woman who asked how far along I was.  I told her I was 23 weeks and she was shocked, remarking several times that I was so tiny that she wouldn’t have put me nearly that far along and complimented me on how I was “all belly”.  Very nice, very sweet, and absolutely lavished me with compliments.

An hour later I was chatting with another woman who kept giving me odd looks and finally asked how far along I am.  I again said 23 weeks.  She pursed her lips for a moment and then asked me if I wasn’t rather large for 23 weeks.  I raised an eyebrow and mentioned my doctor considered me small for almost six months to which she made a very bitchy smirky smile and said, “different generations, I guess”.

Apparently because I wasn’t born in 1932 I let myself get fat?  I’ll work on it, the baby’s health isn’t nearly as important as being able to leave the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans and having dinner on the table at 6.

She then proceeded to ask me what I thought was wrong with couples today and why people my age were ruining marriage.  At first I thought she meant high divorce rates, so I started to approach that carefully.  Then she clarified that she means the “gays and weirdos” and I extricated myself at that point.

Also I lost my glasses last night/this morning so the whole world is squinty again.  Yes, I could put my contacts in, but they’re ALL THE WAY OVER THERE.

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