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Gas Bubbles, Moby Wraps, and Lactation Cookies: I Used To Be a Party Girl

I type this with Seth in a carrier against my chest, alternating between sleeping (and drooling down my boobs) and screaming like a maniac.  It’s surprising because he’s normally the most chill baby you ever met, but he seems really burpy and I think it’s uncomfortable.

I had to stop between paragraphs to give him a bath which helps calm him down.  After he was content and happy I used the sprayer to rinse him off and accidentally hit him with ice cold water so then we got to take a second bath while I offered my soul to the dark lord in exchange for 10 minutes of quiet.

He wasn’t interested.

I was talking to my friend Carla about increasing my milk supply and the benefits of brewer’s yeast and getting a second base for the car seat and flashed back to me 10 years ago.

21 year old Heather was more interested in cigarettes and tattoos, any spit up I was cleaning up was from after a night of drinking, and I didn’t care too much about seatbelt safety.

But I was getting roughly the same amount of sleep so there’s that.

I never, ever pictured myself as a mom.  I mean I love it and wouldn’t change anything but it’s strange how things turn out.

Back to dieting for the last two days (I’m aware it’s not impressive or anything to brag about but whatever, I’m trying.

Tonight was supposed to be a walk but it’s been raining off and on since 3 so I’m going to try some yoga, and I’m looking for a treadmill I can put in the sunroom.  I was going to rejoin the gym but I’ve run the numbers and overall it’s less expensive to grab one off Craigslist.  Plus then I can run when Mister Baby is asleep rather than trying to find someone to watch him or leaving him with a rando in the gym nursery.

Have you ever noticed that dieting makes you crave sweets?

Whatever.  I have the soul of a fatty and currently the body to match.  Go team.

So speaking of weird things I care about now, have any of you tried lactation cookies/muffins, etc?  If so, did they work for you?  If they did, can you recommend a recipe?  My surgeries have left me with a crappy supply and we’re having to use a lot more formula than I want so I’m trying to get things up and running again.






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