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What I’m Reading: The Myatheira Chronicles

I’m always looking for something new and interesting to read.   I grew up in a family of readers, it’s what we did to bond.  I was that kid in school who got in trouble for reading during math class, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten less than 3 hours of sleep because I stayed up until sunrise to finish the last few pages of my book.  I’ll try any genre but my favorite has always been a good fantasy novel.  Give me a character I can relate to but get me out of the daily grind of bills and laundry.  I’ve gone through pretty much everything available.  I happened to mention to my friend Melissa Grzanka that I’d run out of books and she mentioned she’d recently published the first several books in a fantasy series!  Naturally, I went straight to Amazon and downloaded them onto my Kindle.


The series is called the Myatheira Chronicles and it’s awesome.

The first of the series is called “The Vor’shai: From the Ashes”.  It introduces you to the female-led cast (which I love) and follows the main character, Leyna, as she falls from a life of privilege to living in the streets.  From there she has to decide whether to succumb to her fate or learn to fight for herself both literally and figuratively.  Plot driven with enough action and adventure to keep me interested, engaging and smart dialogue, the story moves fast enough that you want to keep reading but not so fast that it glosses over details and creates plot holes.


My favorite thing about this book is how well-developed the characters are.  Female characters tend to either be very Twilight-y or only exist to further the plot of male characters.  These women are fully realized, strong, brave, and articulate without seeming contrived or like they’re walking the female archetypes.  This is not a 5 part series about a girl trying to choose a boyfriend.  The male characters are just as genuine, layered and with real depth paired with that important edge of relateablity and realism you need even in the most surreal of fantasy books.

Well written and still easy to read, this book instantly hooked me and made me impatient for the next one.  Which is alright because it’s already available!  Books one through four are currently available on Amazon!  And to make it even better, it’s currently available for free for the Kindle!

If you’re interested in trying a new, amazing series to get super hooked on, I highly suggest you check out The Myatheira Chronicles by Melissa Grzanka, and go like her on Facebook!

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