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Our First Family ER Visit!

Yesterday Seth decided to play the best game ever which included running a 103.5 fever for most of the day.  When it started inching up into the 104+ range we called it and decided to take him to the ER.  I’m picky about which one I’ll go to (since the one closest to our house called me drug seeking and almost let me die in two separate incidents that required emergency surgery) so we boogied on down to the hospital where the young prince was born.

I know you shouldn’t have a favorite ER because that suggests a number of not great things but between my clumsiness and rebelling organs, Jake’s penchant for workplace injury he doesn’t mention until there’s a major infection, and random happenstance, we pop into this place more than I care to admit.

Sometimes you just need your dad.  Especially after your damn mom lets someone take your temperature rectally.

Three hours later we were home with a broken fever and a series of very specific instructions regarding his diet and medication for the next few days because he might be catching the viral infection Jake gave to me.  Because he loves me.

We got home and put the young prince to bed, relaxed for a few minutes, then Jake went to bed and I stayed up a little while to have some quiet time.

Am I the only mom who will wait until everyone is asleep so I can watch something stupid on TV and play Frozen’s version of Candy Crush in a quiet room?  If I am, y’all need to try it.

Turns out I should have gone to bed with Jake at 10 because I went at about 12:30 and all hell broke loose shortly after.  Seth decided 2:30 AM was actually party time and woke up shrieking like a Howler Monkey.  That wouldn’t have been so bad but he was just… up.  No amount of coaxing, pleading, bottles, movies, baths, rocking, or bribes were enough to convince him otherwise.

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Go learn about Howler Monkeys. You will understand my suffering better afterward.

We swapped out for some of the night, but Jake had to work this morning so most of it was on me since I’m home right now.  I’m currently running on about an hour of sleep because somehow this kid is still awake.  Still.  Awake.  How???

For anyone who’s ever wondered how a mother could accidentally leave her kid in the car, this is how.  I’m so tired I’m seeing double and my hands are shaking, and I get to stay home today and recover.  Seth is also an amazing baby and this is one of the only nights like this we’ve ever had.  If this was a regular occurrence for us and I had to get dressed and go work in an office on top of the stress and lack of sleep?  I have no idea how I’d manage.  And even bigger props to single mothers who don’t have a husband to take half the work.  I’m amazed more kids aren’t left in cars or on buses or safe-dropped at fire stations conveniently located right behind my house and they’d never know it was me but I’d feel guilty and go back so I don’t know why I’d bother so I guess I won’t.

Now.  Can everyone cross their fingers that this guy decides to have mercy on me and take a nap sometime in the very near future?

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