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Misdiagnosed Strep Throat put me in the hospital.

Because every day of my life is an adventure. I went to Texas at the beginning of June.  My parents came back with me and left on June 17th.  On June 19th I wasn't feeling well, on the 20th I went to an urgent care clinic to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about.… Continue reading Misdiagnosed Strep Throat put me in the hospital.

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Mommy’s on drugs (and other things I tell my child)

Postpartum depression is a sumbitch. I 100% expected to get it.  There was not a single, solitary doubt in my mind.  We'd had such a rough year and so much heartache over the baby's (thankfully non-existent) brain damage that combined with my own issues I knew I was going to get hit with it like… Continue reading Mommy’s on drugs (and other things I tell my child)

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Our First Family ER Visit!

Yesterday Seth decided to play the best game ever which included running a 103.5 fever for most of the day.  When it started inching up into the 104+ range we called it and decided to take him to the ER.  I'm picky about which one I'll go to (since the one closest to our house… Continue reading Our First Family ER Visit!

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Gas Bubbles, Moby Wraps, and Lactation Cookies: I Used To Be a Party Girl

I type this with Seth in a carrier against my chest, alternating between sleeping (and drooling down my boobs) and screaming like a maniac.  It's surprising because he's normally the most chill baby you ever met, but he seems really burpy and I think it's uncomfortable. I had to stop between paragraphs to give him a bath… Continue reading Gas Bubbles, Moby Wraps, and Lactation Cookies: I Used To Be a Party Girl

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One more surgery down!

The wee prince is now 6 weeks old and will be 7 on Friday.  He's totally perfect in every way which, as you know from my last post, is a huge relief as we were still waiting for a final brain scan to be sure things were really healed up. I know you'll forgive me… Continue reading One more surgery down!

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It’s never what you think.

I've hesitated and struggled with this post a lot because I just wasn't sure what I wanted to say.  Well.  That's not true.  I just didn't want to say what I mean, which is a pretty fair difference. I hate being pregnant. There's no reason for it.  Other than some food aversion in the first… Continue reading It’s never what you think.

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The move approaches…

And we need to do so much more packing.  We may be getting into the new house on Saturday or Sunday, two days ahead of schedule, and we've got like nothing packed.  Alright, that isn't accurate.  We have maybe half our stuff packed because I just went in and wrapped up the kitchen.  The issue… Continue reading The move approaches…

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Oh, the weather outside is weather…

It's been wild here, one day we're in the 80s and the next it's 35 and snowing.  I've really enjoyed the thunderstorms and rain (quite a bit more than most other people here I suspect) but it hasn't been good for business or for getting out and exercising.  I was really hoping to hit some… Continue reading Oh, the weather outside is weather…