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How I’m Surviving the Infant Stage

Wine.  The answer is lots of wine. My baby is 8 months today, UGH, and I just now feel like I'm getting the hang of this parenting thing.  So far he's fallen off the couch twice and off our bed once, has figured out how to turn onto his tummy and slide out of his… Continue reading How I’m Surviving the Infant Stage

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Gas Bubbles, Moby Wraps, and Lactation Cookies: I Used To Be a Party Girl

I type this with Seth in a carrier against my chest, alternating between sleeping (and drooling down my boobs) and screaming like a maniac.  It's surprising because he's normally the most chill baby you ever met, but he seems really burpy and I think it's uncomfortable. I had to stop between paragraphs to give him a bath… Continue reading Gas Bubbles, Moby Wraps, and Lactation Cookies: I Used To Be a Party Girl

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One more surgery down!

The wee prince is now 6 weeks old and will be 7 on Friday.  He's totally perfect in every way which, as you know from my last post, is a huge relief as we were still waiting for a final brain scan to be sure things were really healed up. I know you'll forgive me… Continue reading One more surgery down!

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A quick (long) explanation.

Some of you may have noticed it's been a while since the last update.  I assure you, I did not forget you.  It's just been a stressful couple of months and I as a rule don't like discussing a problem until I have a solution for it. So, let's cut right down to the dirty dirty and get that out of… Continue reading A quick (long) explanation.

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It’s a…. Party!

Our wonderful friends Serena and Shellie threw a baby shower/gender reveal party for us this weekend and it was super fun.  I'm going to admit that it was a little weird for me to get excited about baby blankets and bottles instead of jewelry and...  different bottles...  but it's a really great change that makes… Continue reading It’s a…. Party!

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Get off my bladder please…

This kid thinks my bladder is a trampoline, so that's fun and exciting.  I should really just be glad I can feel movement, one of the ladies I'm friends with on one of my pregnancy forums just lost her baby at 22 weeks. Baby shower this weekend!!!  And the other one is March 12!!!  Sooooo… Continue reading Get off my bladder please…

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Babies and Pibbles and OMG I can’t reach my feet.

So Bender and the baby are already playing together. Two days ago I was laying on my side in bed, reading a book.  Bender (who is 85 pounds of solid muscle and 100% a sissy) HAS to lay near me at all times so he invited himself up and decided to nudge his nose under… Continue reading Babies and Pibbles and OMG I can’t reach my feet.

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The chair!

So I've mentioned I was given a glider a few times, by my DELIGHTFUL friends Tom and Shellie.  It was beautiful and so far out of my price-range that I just about cried when they dropped it off.  I loved the piece as it was but I really like to personalize things. As you may… Continue reading The chair!

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This is just going to be a little rant.  In the last few years I've really gotten into conserving, upcycling, and generally trying to reduce my carbon footprint.  I've started learning to sew (making my own belly bands, mending clothes, making curtains, burp cloths, etc).  I'm really enjoying most of this, honestly, and I feel… Continue reading Grrrrr…