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Dogs and a Baby: Why no one is going up for adoption.

When Jake and I went public with our pregnancy, nothing went quite like we expected.  One of the most shocking issues was the number of people who asked when we were going to get rid of our dogs.  Some offered to take them for us (thanks I guess...?) but many felt we should just drop… Continue reading Dogs and a Baby: Why no one is going up for adoption.

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Hey, it’s January.

Because you may not have noticed. I'm skipping New Year's resolutions because I can't seem to keep them.  Instead I'm giving myself monthly goals, small things I can do to keep myself motivated and active. I started the year with a terrible sinus infection, which caused me to lose my voice and cough so hard… Continue reading Hey, it’s January.


Defying gravity

Today has been a marathon of boring.  I'm off on Sundays and Tuesdays so Sundays are generally nonstop homework as I try to catch up and get ahead a little.  It doesn't do much good but I try.  I couldn't focus today, the subject is boring and I just couldn't find a way to get… Continue reading Defying gravity