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Mom Guilt, or, Why I Feel Terrible About Working.

I've been a stay at home mom off and on since just before Seth was born.  I've worked a few months intermittently but it was always shift work or something I could adjust the hours on to still be home a large chunk of time.  While I won't say I'm a great mom, I love… Continue reading Mom Guilt, or, Why I Feel Terrible About Working.

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Our First Family ER Visit!

Yesterday Seth decided to play the best game ever which included running a 103.5 fever for most of the day.  When it started inching up into the 104+ range we called it and decided to take him to the ER.  I'm picky about which one I'll go to (since the one closest to our house… Continue reading Our First Family ER Visit!


That didn’t go well.

I was feeling so motivated about my last post that I woke up the next morning, strapped on my running gear, harnessed up River, and started down my street for an early morning run.  I normally have a set path and that involves crossing the street before I start moving, but on this morning there… Continue reading That didn’t go well.